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My SSA Subwoofers


I personally run SSA XCON’s in the Bass EK.


First and foremost, the people behind SSA that truly care and have been into audio for decades that push day in and day out to make SSA better all the time. The high level customer service available through many different outlets. The longevity of SSA, while fly-by-nights come and go all the time, SSA has been growing strong since 2001. The sheer number of available resources that no other site or brand can match: our great store, quick email turn around, phone and chat support, our active and helpful forums with the most experienced and educated staff online, Facebook/Google+/Twitter pages along with many tutorials and how-to’s.

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Slamfest 2015 Episode of Modified

Since 1992 Slamfest has been one of the biggest yearly shows in the Southeast. This year, the 25th Annual Slamfest will be October 1st-2nd, 2016 at the Alachua County Fairgrounds.
2900 NE 39th Ave. (Exit 382), Gainesville, FL 32609.

Whether you like minitrucks, cars or bikes, or just prefer getting bass demos from 10,000 watt stereo systems, Slamfest is an event you must get to in 2016.

To Register or for more info, please visit MINIMADNESS.com


Slamfest is now home to the biggest BASS DEMO PARTY in Florida and probably the whole Southeastern U.S. If you Pre-register it only costs $30 to demo for 2 day. Price is still only $50 the day of the show. If you are competing then the parking fees are waived and you only have to pay the Competition Fees. So for a BASSHEAD, Slamfest truley sets the bar for what a car audio event should be.

Video by Youtube/BASSMAN1439



Hairtrickin with 2 SSA EVIL 15’s

Video by Youtube/EGAJOHN



The GEO Punisher with SSA subs powered by Crescendo Audio and XS Power.

Video by  Youtube/BASSMAN1439

Slamology 2015 Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis

This is a 30 minute feature. Now I don’t expect everyone to watch the whole thing but I know some will. Plus there was just too much good footage to cut out. Glad I was able to fly out last year for the show. Really had an awesome time meeting my friends out there and meeting my fans. That means a lot to me. Happy I can share the experience with everyone. Now shorty after this video drops the Slamology REALTIME footage will be rolling out. So my channel will stay pretty active. Thanks for watching.

By Luke Schaller

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